Rangoli making Competiotion

Rangoli originates from two words ‘Rang’ which means colors and ‘Holi’ which means celebration. Rangoli is an artistic celebration of colors. It is one of the most enjoyable arts that students can be engaged in. Government Girls Polytechnic, Ayodhya organized “Rangoli Making Competition”, on 4th October, 2018 on the occasion of Convocation Day Celebration to bring good luck.

Rangoli reflects traditions, folklore and practices that are unique to each area. The students exhibited their flair in the art by making beautiful Rangoli designs using geometric shapes, deity impressions and floral motifs. Rangoli colours, flower and petals were used to decorate the Rangolis. Two teams from each year participated in this competition.

Group effort, team spirit and individual inputs in the form of planning, designing, outlining, analyzing the colour combinations and presenting the final rangoli made the day for the winning teams. The activity encouraged students to think and work creatively and promote artistic excellence.

The winner group of the Rangoli Making Competition was awarded with medals and gifts for their great effort and creativity.

What makes things memorable is that they are
meaningful, significant and colorful.