Independence Day Celebration

To mark the Independence of India's 'tryst with destiny' on 15th August 2018, Government Girls Polytechnic, Ayodhya celebrated the Independence Day to re-experience the spirit of patriotism and to honour the glorious past of our country.

The celebration began by unfurling the tricolour and then singing the National Anthem, which raised the patriotic fervour in the crowd, the event moved on with the performance of the cultural programs. The performers energised the day by tapping their feet on the Bollywood beats that made the audience proud on being associated with the life in India. The power of the patriotic tunes played which inspired the audience to sing along with the glories of our country.

The cultural programme at college commenced with all everyone singing together ‘Vande Mataram’. The spirit of freedom and nationalism was well exhibited by the student-teachers. A few of them spoke on the history and significance of the Independence Day and shed light on the special highlights of celebrations this year. A group of student-teachers shared inspirational quotes on Freedom.

The celebrations concluded with inspiring words of Principal, Shri Vijay Prakash followed by the National Anthem and then distribution of sweets.

Carried with care, coated eith pride, dipped in love,
fly in glory, moments of freedom in shade of joy.
Proud to be an Indian.